By: Kerry Drager on September 21, 2014


Dreams and goals are life’s two major players in motivation, but sometimes the journey to success isn’t easy. For Andrew Ring of Long Prairie, that dream is in the film industry, and he has started to reach the goals he needs to get there.

Ring was just 12 years old when he began taking steps into business ownership. Inspired by his father and some timeless films, Ring took an interest in filmmaking and photography. He wanted to learn, but needed the resources. By saving up his allowances, he was able to purchase books and other reference guides, and he began to master the craft.At the Studio

“My father made a few Super 8 films while he was in high school. He would show them to us on his video projector. That was really the thing that said to me that this is something I could do,” said Ring.

A movie lover, Ring spent a lot of time tracking down the good motion pictures and using them for inspiration and direction for his own film work. He understands that movies are an opportunity to get the mind thinking.

“I watched ‘Contact’ in 1997. That movie really got me to start asking questions. It spurred my interest, and from that moment on, I began thinking on how to make a movie that would make people think. I feel that when the audience is thinking, that’s the best way to tell a story.”

During his senior year of high school, Ring began working on his first narrative short film, “Mindless.” He spent a year working on the project and recruited his actors and staff by asking people in the lunch room to help him with the project. Once the film was completed, he posted the film on Amazon, but was not hopeful that “Mindless” would be a success.

“I was not thinking that I’d make any money off from it, but I did. People started buying it. It clicked in my head that people like what I do. That gave me the courage to start a business.”

Using the college money that was set aside for him to purchase the camera and equipment he would need, Ring got ready to open up his business. This past January, his goal was reached, and he was the proud business owner of Ring Studios.

Observing the needs of his community helped him get started. He wanted to show local businesses that movies were a powerful way to connect with customers.

“Currently, there aren’t any professional video services in Long Prairie. I’ve made commercials for Hats Off Coffee, and a video that showed how chrome was restored on stoves for Mill Lake Metal Finishing.”

The video for Mill Lake Metal Finishing was uploaded onto YouTube. This currently is his most viewed uploaded video.

“I wanted something to make his company stand out, and I think it did good business for him.”

Ring believes that film is more readily received by consumers than photographs. A growing trend on the Internet is to watch short films, versus just having a photo on a web page with a caption.

His current scope is a radius around Long Prairie of roughly 50 miles. His hourly going rate is set at a fair price for his work, but low enough to remain affordable to small business owners.Film Shoot

“There is such a big opening and opportunity to expand and get people to start making video. I can really see it blooming around here.”

Utilizing the Internet is a vital step in the success of Ring Studios. Links to his Facebook and YouTube accounts can be found at his web site at

Although he’s only been a high school graduate for two years, Ring has not sat idle. He knew what he wanted, and he reached for his obtainable goals.

“I like to think big. You can accomplish all your dreams if you have focus. If you can achieve a planned action, then you can achieve anything,” said Ring.

Ring comes with promising new ideas that can bring together a fresh way for businesses to advertise in small communities. He is using this career opportunity to not only find success, but also to continue developing his skills. These have been rungs in the ladder as he reaches for his dream of creating a movie that will truly awe the crowd.