Technology & Video Support for business

Business consultation and support with a whole business philosophy. I want to understand you as a small business owner and get know your business well enough to give you tailored consultations and tailored solutions to your needs. Very often I see unique ways or a different approach to a problem that my clients get excited about the solutions I present. Often times, clients see the value in having me on board. Someone that keeps up with current trends and new technological innovation and how that benefits their business.

What can I offer you?

Offering easy remote support sessions online, virtual conferencing, and one-time remote support installations for your computers so you don’t have to be in the office for faster response time.

My response time depends on your specific technology problems. Most issues can be resolved in an hour or less. Very complex issues can take up to a day or more to resolve. It all depends on what the issues are.

We offer a wide array of services for our business customers:

  • Network/internet troubleshooting
  • Printer and scanner troubleshooting
  • Set up virtual conference meetings (most popular is Zoom)
  • Quickbooks support
  • Computer upgrades
  • Laptop repair (including Pre-2017 MacBooks)
  • mobile repair (most Android devices) (older Apple devices expect for iPod)
  • PC Reseller
  • and more…