Serving customers in Central Minnesota.

Creating a promotional video for your website and social media sites is the prefect way to show customers what you sell in a personal way. In addition to creating professional videos we also provide computer services to directly publish your video on your site and share it on your social media pages. When done effectively this creates a great advertising tool to entice potential customers to buy.

The potential for web-based videos extend far beyond general commercials. We can make videos as general or as specific as you want. Like making specific online product review videos and how-to videos to general promotion videos.

We see the future of online marketing in video and it’s going to be as essential as having a business card. This is your one-stop to have professional videos made and delivered on the web.



 General Video Info.

I use state of the art equipment for every level of production. The camera is a NXCAM Sony FS-100 with prime and zoom lenses to get the image just right. I also use a Sony PCM-50 recorder with a windscreen to capture the prefect sound. In editing, I only use Adobe Creative Suite software such as Premiere Pro and After Effects to create a product that’s one of a kind.

Creating the best video for your needs and indeed any video production requires a detailed plan, from concept to finished product. I talk through the concept with you and refine it to meet all requirements. Then, I turn that vision into a video that meets your needs.