Ring Studios celebrates one year in business

Film Shoot By: Karin L. Nauber on January 18, 2015


For Andrew Ring of Long Prairie, filmmaking was really never just a hobby.His passion began when he was seven years old and his father had shown him a super eight film he had made.“From that moment on, I was instantly in love with movies. I inherently wanted to know everything about it,” said Ring.He doesn’t remember what the super eight film was about, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the love that fueled his passion for the arts.

His first video camera was a Sony video cassette camera. He still has the camera and uses it for making “B” rolls in his filmmaking.

As time progressed and Ring’s interest in filmmaking grew, he tried different things in different areas to hone his skills and interests.

In elementary school he started an amateur radio club (Ham radio).

“That was my first start—it was kind of like a ‘false’ start as I was getting my first video camera then, too,” he said.

His second club was really successful. It was a video-animation club at the Long Prairie-Grey Eagle High School.

“The club ran for two years. That was when I really got into the groove of working with other people—collaborating and working with others is essential to making a movie,” said Ring.

For his senior year project, he made a short movie called “Mindless” which he put on Amazon and actually received royalties for when people purchased it for download.

You can see “Mindless” on YouTube now. It is an interesting film and shows off some of Ring’s early artistic overtures. You can also see “Mindless” through his website at: www.ringstudios.co (no m).LP Chamber Singers

When asked, “In the future, do you see yourself winning an Academy Award?”  He responded, “All I see is making the best movies I can. If I end

up winning an Academy Award, then I guess it would be something special.”

Ring felt driven to start a business in video and photo services.

“This was never just a hobby for me. I was born to do this. I can’t see doing anything else with my life,” said Ring.

With that in mind, he spent his college tuition money on his professional video camera and computer along with photo and video editing software and began Ring Studios in January 2014.

“I thought of going to college and getting a film degree, but it never really appealed to me. I want to be free to use innovation and invention. The types of movies I enjoy are full of those things,” he said.

“This last year has been a real learning curve,” said Ring. “I’ve been trying to get my bearings and learn and understand everything I need to do to make everything work.”

He said that his business was not about making profits right away.

“During that first year—if you do make a profit—you are doing really well,” he said.GoPro_Drive In

For Ring, the first year in his business was about building relationships.

“I learned that even more by joining the Long Prairie Area Chamber of Commerce. That gave me a kick in the rear—a kind of kickstart—to get going,” said Ring, who began to attend the Chamber’s monthly networking events.

“I see [Karin Nauber] as a mentor,” he said.

Ring said, “It’s about relationships and building those. Advertising is important, but talking to people and building relationships is essential.”

One way that Ring worked on relationship building this past year was to promote his business at the Trunk or Treat event held at the Long Drive In Theatre this past Halloween.

“It was fun to hand candy out to the kids, but a lot of people stopped to talk with me and that was important, too,” he said.

Along with Nauber, he also sees Daiv Freeman—owner of Hats Off Coffee in Long Prairie—as another mentor.

“He helped me with my business plan giving me guidelines of what to do,” said Ring of Freeman.

As Ring’s passion for what he was doing grew, he also switched to more advanced tools for his trade.

He built the computer and workstation where he does all the photo and video editing for his business.

“It is my hope that I can provide unique videos and photos to both businesses and individuals. Using photos or video can provide a means for business to keep an expressive and creative edge. More and more people are looking for some sort of multimedia to promote themselves in a way that stands out,” he said.

Ring has produced videos for Hats Off Coffee, Mill Lake Metal Finishing and the Chamber Singers. He has also volunteered for the Long Prairie Chamber Orchestra as their photographer.

He provides a full-range of photography and video services. You can check out his website for a full list of services available and for samples of his work.

You can also find Ring Studios on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.Portrait_2