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Put Your Project on the Express Lane

“It is my hope that I can provide unique videos to both businesses and individuals. Using video can provide a means for business to keep an expressive and creative edge. More and more people are looking for some sort of multimedia to promote themselves in a way that stands out,” he said. Continue Reading
“Currently, there aren’t any professional video services in Long Prairie. I’ve made commercials for Hats Off Coffee, and a video that showed how chrome was restored on stoves for Mill Lake Metal Finishing.” Ring comes with promising new ideas that can bring together a fresh way for businesses to advertise in small communities. He is using this career opportunity to not only find success, but also to continue developing his skills. Continue Reading

There are two Andrews. Andrew Angel enjoys singing popular songs. Andrew Ring enjoys making videos. “I found Andrew on the internet,” said Andrew Angel, a young Dominican man who arrived in Long Prairie about four months ago. Andrew Angel was working on a song at that time. He’s always working on a song. But that one was “Mia”, a 2018 song by Bad Bunny. He felt he was ready to make a YouTube video of his version of the song. Continue Reading

We specialize in making short films, narratives, and documentaries. All our projects begin with pre production. Our approach to pre production begins with simply getting to know you and your ideas. Then we expertly craft storyboards and scripts that have your best ideas at heart. Production is all about getting the idea on camera. This is done with state of the art video production gear. Post Production is all about getting the idea from the camera to the screen. This is done with the magic of editing. We enjoy collaborating with all our clients to ensure your original vision gets to the screen.